Smart trading system

smart trading system

function calls). As to algorithm used by non-exhaustive search it looks as follows: a) the optimizer generates some (usually random) starting population of parameter sets b) backtest is performed by AmiBroker for each parameter set from the population c) the results of backtests are evaluated according. The optimization is the process of finding optimal values of those parameters (giving highest profit from the system) for a given symbol (or a portfolio of symbols). It is normal that the plugin will skip some evaluations steps, if it detects that solution was found, therefore you should not be surprised that optimization progress bar may move very fast at some points. Each call to optimize generate (max - min step optimization loops and multiple calls to optimize multiply the number of runs needed.

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We teach you trade setups that over and over again have proven to be profitable. . You should choose parameter region that produces a broad and wide plateau on 3D chart for your real life trading. You do not need a large number of S P E-mini trades to have a profitable week. For example optimizing two parameters using 10 steps will require optimization loops. Less than 1 Paisa brokerage, high Intraday exposure, upto 4x exposure for Equity delivery. Therefore each run may lead to finding different local max/min (if it does not find global one). Radical changes (or spikes) in the 3D optimization charts show clearly over-optimization areas. Our S P e-mini daytrading strategy is uncomplicated. An example two-variable optimization formula looks like this: per Optimize ( "per", 2, 5, 50, 1 Level Optimize ( "level", 2, 2, 150, 4 Buy Cross ( CCI (per -Level Sell Cross ( Level, CCI (per) After entering the formula you need to click "Optimize". So Runs parameter defines number of subsequent algorithm runs. Note: This is fairly advanced topic. You will learn our trading method that has been consistently profitable throughout the years - a winning rate in the 85 area.